Join Medivh and Azeroth’s elite for an unforgettable evening at his Tower of Karazhan!\nSave the party from total disaster and earn 45 cards unique to this adventure!

Requires unlocking every class

Category Karazhan
Mode Normal

Name Category Mode Wing Rewards
An Uninvited Guest
This party's going to be great! But what's Malchezaar doing here?
Karazhan Normal The Prologue 2xFirelands Portal
Silverware Golem
Reach the top of the tower before the party takes over!
Karazhan Normal The Parlor 2xSilverware Golem
Magic Mirror
The stairs are behind this very rude mirror.
Karazhan Normal The Parlor 2xPantry Spider
The chess king guards the stairs! Win a game to reach the next floor!
Karazhan Normal The Parlor Moroes
Help Julianne prepare the performance of a lifetime!
Karazhan Normal The Opera 2xOnyx Bishop
Big Bad Wolf
My what big teeth she has...
Karazhan Normal The Opera 2xArcane Giant
The Crone
The last act! The stairs are just up ahead!
Karazhan Normal The Opera Barnes
The Curator’s gone crazy! Fix it!
Karazhan Normal The Menagerie 2xMenagerie Warden
The dragon’s loose! Return it to the menagerie!
Karazhan Normal The Menagerie 2xRunic Egg
Terestian Illhoof
Illhoof's releasing the demons! Stop him!
Karazhan Normal The Menagerie The Curator
Shade of Aran
The top of the tower! And an irritated ghost...
Karazhan Normal The Spire 2xSpirit Claws
Take control of the portals to free Medivh!
Karazhan Normal The Spire 2xBook Wyrm
Free Medivh!
Open the portal and enjoy the party!
Karazhan Normal The Spire Medivh, the Guardian
second medivh fight
Open the portal and enjoy the party!
Karazhan Normal