Name Acidic Swamp Ooze
Rarity Common
Weight 603
Unlocks Gold At Level 57 as Rogue
Mechanics Battlecry
Type Minion
Set Basic
Not collectible
Acidic Swamp OozeMinion
2 3 2
Battlecry: Destroy your opponent's weapon.
Oozes love Flamenco. Don't ask.
Set: Basic

Title Author Class Cards Comments Likes Deck type Category Patch
Name Class Description
Want to be a Mage? This deck of timeless Basic and Classic cards is designed to enhance and support spell casting!
Interested in justice? Consider a career as a Paladin with these Basic and Classic cards! Command your army to control the board and cast blessed spells of the Light!
Orchestrate the situation to your maximum advantage. Exploit card interactions and strike swiftly with this deadly aggressive deck of Basic and Classic cards!
Elements guide your path! Use elemental magic to destroy enemy minions, and enhance your own to overwhelm your opponent. All you need is Basic and Classic cards!
Power is all that matters, and you take it from whatever the source. This fast paced deck of Basic and Classic cards is full of minions intent on swift destruction of your opponent.
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