Name Emperor Thaurissan
Rarity Legendary
Weight 750
Create 1600 / 3200
Disenchant 400 / 1600
Unlocks Unlocked in Blackrock Depths, in the Blackrock Mountain adventure.
Unlocks Gold Crafting unlocked in Blackrock Depths, in the Blackrock Mountain adventure.
Type Minion
Set Blackrock Mountain
Not collectible
Emperor ThaurissanMinion, Elite
6 5 5
At the end of your turn, reduce the Cost of cards in your hand by (1).
Disenchant 400 / 1600
Create 1600 / 3200
His second greatest regret is summoning an evil Firelord who enslaved his entire people.
Set: Blackrock Mountain

Title Author Class Cards Comments Likes Deck type Category Patch
Name Class Description
Take matters into your own hands. Trade in some healing spells for deadly shadow magic and aggressive minions!
Surprise your opponent with just how much damage you can do. Spell Damage minions will strengthen your spells to help finish the job.
You’ll want to stay alive while using your Hero Power as much as possible, some of your cards get better the more cards you have in your hand.
Survival is key when dealing with dragons. If you can last long enough, your big dragons will end up taking over the late game.
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