Name Gothik the Harvester
Rarity Common
Type Hero
Set Naxxramas
Not collectible
Gothik the HarvesterHero
Hero Power
Draw a card.
Set: Naxxramas

Name Type
Not collectible
Name Text Audio
Start My minions never truly die.
Death Line I am undone!
Card Kill my minions if you like... Their souls will pay you a visit.
Custom Hahaha! Fool! I am the Harvester of Souls!
Custom2 The dead return!
Emote1 Foolishly you have sought your own demise.
Emote2 Brazenly you have disregarded powers beyond your understanding.
Emote3 You have fought hard to invade the realm of the Harvester.
Emote4 Now there is only one way out...
Emote5 ... going into the options menu and hitting CONCEDE.
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