Name High Justice Grimstone
Rarity Common
Type Hero
Set Blackrock Mountain
Not collectible
High Justice GrimstoneHero
Hero Power
Summon a 1/1 Spectator with Taunt.
Set: Blackrock Mountain

Name Type
Not collectible
Name Text Audio
Start A new challenger!
Death Hjt! Huh? Whoa! *Death gasp*
Alakir It's the elemental lord who loves to swat insects: Al'Akir!
Alexstraza Lifebinder! Dragon Queen! Brawler in the Dark Iron Arena! It's Alexstrasza!
Beast His favorite food is gnome, but he is willing to make an exception. It's the Beast!
Boom I hope nobody is sitting in the splash zone, because our next challenger is Dr. Boom!
Cairne He's raising his son to follow in his own hoofprints. Make some noise for Cairne Bloodhoof!
Cho Get ready for story time with the cuddliest Pandaren: Lorewalker Cho!
Deathwing Oooh! Ladies and gentledwarves! The one, the only, DEATHWING!
Etc And now, the tauren, the myth, the legend: Elite Tauren Chieftain!
Feugen Let's hear it for Feugen!
Foereaper He's been mechanically tuned for maximum destruction. It's Foereaper 4000!
Geddon Oooh. It's getting hot in the arena. Please welcome Baron Geddon!
Gelbin Straight from New Tinkertown, please welcome the leader of Gnomekind, Gelbin Mekkatorque!
Gruul They don't call him the Dragonkiller for nothing. Put your hands together for Gruul!
Hero Power The audience is getting restless. Ahahaha!
Hogger Please welcome the level 11 gnoll who became a legend in his own time. Hogger!
Illidan Who needs eyeballs when you got twin warglaives? Certainly not Illidan Stormrage!
Leviathan Recently refurbished and ready to wreck, it's the Flame Leviathan!
Loatheb Plug your nose, cover your mouths, and cheer for the rotting mass himself, Loatheb!
Maexxna It's the giant spider! And how do you pronounce her name? Maexxna!
Millhouse Aw, come on. Who let him into the arena?
Mogor His vocabulary is limited, but his rage is not. It's Mogor the Ogre!
Mukla Next up, the Bananamaster himself: King Mukla!
Nozdormu Ladies and... Oops! Out of time!
Onyxia Straight from the Dustwallow Marsh and Stormwind Castle, get ready for Onyxia!
Pagle Back from his latest fishing trip, master angler Nat Pagle!
Response Nobody can survive against all these legends.
Sneed Our next challenger is hiding behind the controls of an old shredder. Who could it be?
Stalagg Can Stalagg survive the arena? Let's find out!
Sylvanas She's burning with eternal hatred just for you. Please welcome Sylvanas Windrunner!
Thalnos Put your hands together for the skeleton in a dress, Bloodmage Thalnos!
Thaurissan Coming to you all the way from the mission after this one, it's Emperor Thaurissan!
Tinkmaster A round of applause for the great inventor himself, Tinkmaster Overspark!
Toshley It's the gnome who's far from home, give a warm welcome to Toshley!
Turn1 Ladies and gentledwarves! Have we got a show for you today!
Turn1 Pt2 The greatest legends of Azeroth vs. a single adventurer!
Voljin Silence please! We have a special guest. Warchief Vol'jin himself!
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