Name Lord Victor Nefarius
Rarity Common
Type Hero
Set Blackrock Mountain
Not collectible
Lord Victor NefariusHero
Hero Power
Let the games begin!
Set: Blackrock Mountain

Name Type
Not collectible
Name Text Audio
Response I am the master here!
Start Welcome to my personal sanctum, hero.
Death Alt No! NO! I will be baaaaaack!
Turn1 Pt1 Behold! The true power of NEFARIAN!
Turn1 Pt2 Infinite mana! Armored Dragonscales!
Deathwing D-Daddy??
Hp Druid Druid, the wild is mine to control!
Hp Hunter The hunter becomes the hunted!
Hp Mage Mage, you should be more careful when you play with Magic.
Hp Paladin Paladin, does the Light forsake you?
Hp Priest Priest, the Light serves me now!
Hp Rogue Rogue, stop hiding and face me!
Hp Shaman Shaman, the elements obey ME now.
Hp Warlock Warlock! You play with magic beyond your understanding!
Hp Warrior Warrior! Your strength becomes your weakness!
Hp Generic Your magic is mine!
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