Name Omnotron Defense System
Rarity Common
Type Hero
Set Blackrock Mountain
Not collectible
Omnotron Defense SystemHero
Hero Power
Activate Arcanotron!
Set: Blackrock Mountain

Name Type
Not collectible
Name Text Audio
Start Intruders detected.
Death Defense systems obliterated. Powering down.
Card Re-routing excess energy.
Hp1 Electron unit activated.
Hp2 Toxitron unit activated.
Hp3 Arcanotron unit activated.
Hp4 Magmatron unit activated.
Hp5 Defense unit online.
Response1 Beep. Boop. Beep.
Response2 Attempting to connect.
Response3 Connection successful. Downloading OS updates.
Response4 Update installed. Hello! Hello! Hello!
Response5 Hello! Hello! Hello!
Turn1 Primary defense matrix: initiate.
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