Nazwa Kel'Thuzad
Original name Kel'Thuzad
Rzadkość Zwykła
Rodzaj Bohater
Zestaw Naxxramas
Not collectible
Moc specjalna
Zadaj 2 pkt. obrażeń wrogiemu bohaterowi i go Zamroź.
Set: Naxxramas

Nazwa Rodzaj
Not collectible
Moc specjalna
Nazwa Tekst Audio
Phase2 Alt No! Your turn is over. *MY* turn now.
Phase2 Fool! You have spread your power too thin!
Summon Adds Be free, my minions!
Hp2 Your soul is bound to me now.
Hp3 There will be no escape.
Hp I will freeze the blood in your veins!
Emote Wp Of course I played well. I'm Kel'Thu-freaking-zad!
Emote Hello Do you often greet people who are trying to kill you?
Emote Thanks You're... welcome?
Emote Sorry It's ok, interloper, we all make mistakes.
Emote Oops Indeed.
Emote Threaten Oh, I'm so scared!
Respond Uther ...and I will fight with huge minions and devastating spells. Good luck!
Respond Garrosh Really? Death it is, then.
Respond Garrosh Alt Is this a trick question? Looks like death for you!
Respond Thrall You're fighting for a hammer? Ok then.
Respond Valeera Ok. I. Will.
Respond Rexxar Be my guest.
Respond Malfurion Alt The wild? Then what are you doing in Naxxramas?
Respond Guldan Well, someone's soul shall be someone's.
Respond Jaina I most certainly did NOT. You barged into MY floating necropolis!
Respond Anduin How naive! Don't you remember what happened to Uther?
Start We finally meet.
Death Line This is not the end!!! There is still heroic mode!
Death Line2 NooooOooOOOooo!!!
Biggles No!!! A curse upon you, interloper!
Hurry My patience is limited.
Gloat1 Victory for Kel'Thuzad! Did you hear that Bigglesworth?!
Gloat2 Give me a K! Give me a T! What's that spell?
Gloat3 I just completed a quest to destroy an interloper! 40 gold, yes!
Gloat4 Victory tastes so sweet... Like a milkshake. No, maybe more like a bar of chocolate.
Gloat5 My power is overwhelming! And yet, I did not die horribly at the end of the turn.
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