Name Violâminus, o Indomado
Original name Razorgore the Untamed
Rarity Comum
Type Herói
Set Montanha Rocha Negra
Not collectible
Violâminus, o IndomadoHerói
Poder Heroico
Conceda +1 de Vida a todos os Ovos Corrompidos, depois evoque um.
Set: Montanha Rocha Negra

Name Text Audio
Start Behold. The corrupted eggs of our new dragonflight.
Death Rrrrrrrrrrrh!
Egg Death 1 Fools! These eggs are more precious than you know!
Egg Death 2 No! Not another one! I'll have your heads for this atrocity!
Egg Death 3 You'll pay for this!
Hero Power Stay away from those eggs!
Response I will scramble you!
Turn1 These eggs will be your undoing.
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